House Stark. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 7. STR: 5.

House Tully. Lady. The Seven.

Catelyn Stark gets +1 STR for each power she has.

Reaction: After a character you control is sacrificed or killed, Catelyn Stark gains 1 power. (Limit twice per round.)

"I want to write an end to this. I want to go home, my lords, and weep for my husband."
Natascha Roeoesli
Wolves of the North #2.

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Catelyn Stark

Rules FAQ

  • Catelyn's triggering condition is the death of an individual Stark character, not the resolution of an effect that kills a character. So if a single effect (like Wildfire) kills multiple Stark characters you control, Catelyn would have multiple separate triggering conditions. She could react once to each triggering condition - - up to her limit of "twice per round" of course.
  • Note that, since her ability is a reaction, Catelyn will have to survive Wildfire herself in your example in order to trigger her ability at all. Otherwise, she will be in the dead pile when it would be time to trigger reactions, and she can't use her ability from the dead pile.
If I trigger Skagos to sacrifice 4-cost Catelyn and bring 7-cost Catelyn in play, does 7-cost Catelyn trigger? — Stathis 1
No. This question is answered on the Skagos page. — scantrell24 3295