House Targaryen. Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 1.


character only.

Attached character gains the King trait.

Reaction: After an opponent reveals a plot card with a higher printed gold value than yours, kneel Beggar King to gain 1 gold. (2 gold instead if no opponent controls a King character.)

Jason Jenicke
Called to Arms #34.

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Beggar King

Rules FAQ

  • This ability is triggered after all "When revealed" abilities of all plots have resolved.

  • 'Base value' is dependent on 'printed value', but not the other way around. Effects that interact with base values (Summer Harvest, Naval Superiority) do not affect printed values. The printed value of X is considered to be 0.
So Summer Harvest would make Beggar King unusable that round. — Simonmmm 1
Summer Harvest sets the **base** gold value, but the **printed** gold value remains the same, i.e. 0. — mplain 213
Summer Harvest will always let you trigger Beggar King, unless your opponent also reveals Summer Harvest. — mplain 213
How does it work when you have Beggar King and reveal Naval Superiority against a kingdom plot? — Jaradrim 1
'Base value' and 'printed value' are different things ( 'Base value' is dependent on 'printed value', not the other way around. Naval Superiority doesn't affect the printed gold value of revealed Kingdom plots. — mplain 213
Does Knights of Hollow Hill (agenda) affect 'printed gold value' of a plot? — Statusunquo 1