House Martell. Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 3.


character you control only. Ambush (3).

Attached character gets +1 STR.

Reaction: After Venomous Blade enters play, place a poison token on a character with printed STR 2 or lower. At the end of the phase, if that character still has that poison token, remove it and kill that character.

Zezhou Chen
Called to Arms #36.

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Venomous Blade


  • You can marshal this card as normal, and the poisoned character will be killed at the end of the Marshaling phase.

  • If attached character gets Warded, the Venomous Blade will become illegally attached (not to a character you control) and get discarded.

  • Poison effects don't target (don't use the word "choose"), so you cannot cancel it with Fear Cuts Deeper Than Swords.

  • Poisoned character will be killed at the end of the phase, which occurs outside of the phase, after "When the phase ends..." Interrupts trigger, and after "Until the end of phase..." lasting effects wear off.
mplain 231
Can you marshall this card even though you don't control any legal martell character to attach it to ? — Timmy 58
Nope — Buster_NL 1