The Night's Watch. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 2. STR: 2.


No attachments except Weapon.

While you control 3 or more locations and/or attachments, Shadow Tower Mason gains a and an icon.

Antonio José Manzanedo
There Is My Claim #65.

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Shadow Tower Mason

One of the best Night's Watch characters in a long while for a defensive deck. Combine three Dragonglass Dagger and three The Haunted Forest with this card for a powerhouse deck. With three gold you can play a Mason, put a Draginglass dagger on them, and have a four strength character with all three icons who is immune to characters during challenges and can only have weapon attachments. These guys are amazing at defending The Wall. A defensive deck should have no problem getting the required three attachments/locations into play.

Keep in mind, their ability also activates off of Craven.