Plot. Income: 2. Initiative: 0. Claim: 0. Reserve: 5. Plot deck limit: 1.


When Revealed: Kill each character.

Dimitri Bielak
There Is My Claim #80.

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Valar Morghulis

Valar, what can be said about the most prolific plot and possibly card from the CCG to the first edition of the game to now.

It is and will always be the defining card of any meta.

Every deck will either play it or have to be built to play against it. Even though card economy has changed since the games inception and reboot, Valar will be the ever loved or hated boogyman of the game.

I am just not sure how to feel about this card, yet. I did not play the CCG or 1.0; but we have all heard the stories. — Rick IsLitFam 261
Is there a benefit to running with in the same deck with Wildfire and/or Varys? — blp 1
Is the "Omen" keyword referenced anywhere in the game rules? — landru 1