The Night's Watch. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 5. STR: 4.

Ally. Wildling.

Immune to Omen card effects.

Action: Sacrifice Craster to put each character that was killed this phase into play from its owner's dead pile.

"Even so, he's never turned a ranger away from his fire" Thoren Smallwood
Victor Manuel Leza Moreno
Ghosts of Harrenhal #85.

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Rules FAQ:

  • Craster is only immune to Omen card effects while he is in play. While he is in the dead pile, he can be put into play by the plot Ghosts of Harrenhal as normal.

  • If the When Revealed ability on Valar Morghulis is initiated by Varys's Riddle, it is still considered to be an Omen card effect.
mplain 237
Small thing, pulling the strings cant initiate Omen cards — Space8es 1
Thanks, fixed! — mplain 237
If you take control of an opponents character using "now my watch begins" or similar. Then the character dies, lets say "Valar". Does Craster put that character into play under the original owner? — HouseOfJones 1
Yes. Craster's ability doesn't specify who gets to control the resurrected characters, and the RRG says that "Cards by default enter play under their owner's control." ( — mplain 237