House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Location. Cost: 1.


Action: Sacrifice Sea Bitch to choose a non-limited location. Take control of that location until the end of the phase.

"And you said you'd name her after me." Asha Greyjoy
Davis Engel
Tyrion's Chain #112.

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Sea Bitch

Rules FAQ:

  • "Until the end of the phase" lasting effects wear off after "When the phase ends" interrupts can be triggered, but before "At the end of the phase" delayed effects resolve (see FAQ). So you can steal The Red Keep or The Wall and use it when the phase ends before returning it to your opponent. But you cannot steal Iron Mines and use them to save a character from being killed at the end of the phase by Tears of Lys.

  • You cannot take control of a unique card if you have another copy of that card in play (that you either control or own).

  • You cannot take control of another Sea Bitch (see FAQ).
mplain 213
if you take a control of a location that is knelt for the action (Starfall for example), do you get it under your control knelt or you can use it as well? — petebili 1