House Martell. Non-Loyal.
Event. Cost: 2.

Challenges Action: Choose a character you control. Until the end of the phase, double that character's STR. At the end of the phase, if that character is still in play, kill it.

"Elia. Say it! Elia of Dorne!" The Red Viper
David Auden Nash
Lions of Casterly Rock #30.

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You Murdered Her Children

Rules FAQ

  • When a new modifier is applied, recalculate the value from the start. Apply all additive and subtractive modifiers first, before doubling and/or halving. The timestamp order in which card effects resolved does not matter (see Modifiers).

  • Affected character loses the STR buff before it is killed at the end of the phase (relevant for Quentyn Martell).
Am I the only one bugged as hell by the name of the card? Neither in the books nor in the show the phrase is "you murdered her children." . It is "You KILLED her children". — exoter 48