Character. Cost: 6. STR: 5.

The Seven.

Interrupt: When an opponent chooses a character you control as the only target of a triggered ability, choose an eligible The Seven character you control to become the target of that triggered ability instead. (Limit once per phase.)

Joshua Cairós
Lions of Casterly Rock #39.

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High Septon

Rules FAQ

  • Can only redirect an ability that uses the word "choose" (e.g. not Tears of Lys or Ghaston Grey).

  • Targets are normally chosen before the ability's effects can be cancelled (except for post-Then effects, e.g. Ser Gregor and The Tickler).

  • To check eligibility, see if the new target could have been chosen as a valid target for the original ability.

  • Can redirect His Viper Eyes and Yoren's ability to an eligible The Seven character in your hand / discard pile.