Plot. Income: 3. Initiative: 1. Claim: 1. Reserve: 6. Plot deck limit: 2.

House Frey.

Forced Reaction: After the challenges phase begins, each player chooses a character without attachments or power. Return each of those characters to its owner's hand.

Joshua CairĂ³s
Lions of Casterly Rock #47.

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Unexpected Delay

Rules FAQ:

  • You must choose a character without [attachments or power]. A character with either attachments or power is ineligible.

  • First player chooses first, then the second player. Then all chosen characters are returned to their owners' hands simultaneously.

  • Both players can choose the same character. It will only be bouced once, so one duplicate is enough to keep it in play.
mplain 211
You should be able to save with a dupe, correct? — AisoRed 16
Yes. — mplain 211
'Power' refers to icon or renown? — Rekahtul 1
It needs to have a power token on it. The token can come from renown, but just having renown is not enough. — Cieylor 1
Thanks! — Rekahtul 1
So..your opponent cannot pick a character WITH an attachment, even tho that character has NO power..correct? — The Nights won 1
correct — tonythetiger891 55
If both players choose the same character does that character have to be saved twice or only once? — Hasr 1
Only once. — mplain 211