Event. Cost: 1.


Action: Choose an opponent. If that player has a higher power total than you, gain 2 gold. If that player has more cards in his or her hand than you, gain 1 power for your faction. If that player controls more characters than you, draw 1 card.

Serena Malyon
Guarding the Realm #39.

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"The Dornishman's Wife"

Rules FAQ:

  • While an event is being played, the event card is not in your hand anymore, so you do not count it when determining whether your opponent has more cards in hand than you. (Source)

  • However, when assessing whether an ability's effects have any potential to change the game state, you do not consider that the event card will leave your hand (it is not a part of the ability's effects). So if you and your opponent have an equal amount of power, cards in hand, and characters in play, you cannot play this event.
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