The Night's Watch. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 4. STR: 2.

Wandering Crow.

You may choose not to stand Recruiter for the Watch during the standing phase.

Marshaling Action: Kneel Recruiter for the Watch to choose a character with printed cost 2 or lower. Take control of that character until Recruiter for the Watch stands or leaves play.

Adam Lane
The Fall of Astapor #45.

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Recruiter for the Watch

Rules FAQ:

  • Blanking the Recruiter's text box (via Milk of the Poppy or Nightmares) will not immediately revert control of affected character (lasting effect created by the ability exists independently of its source).

  • You can use the Recruiter to take control of a character that you already control (creation of a lasting effect is a change of game state).
mplain 213
If my opponent uses the Recruiter to take control of my Bronn can I pay a gold to get Bronn back ? — LordOWar 1
Yes. "Take control" effects use the time stamp order - the most recent one applies. See FAQ: — mplain 213
If I'm marshaling first, and the second player decide to activate the recruiter, can I block him first by marshaling a milk on him or was I too late to do it? — Letodan 13
Can you choose a character in a player's discard pile as well? Or just characters that are in play? — The King in the North 1