Plot. Income: 4. Initiative: 5. Claim: 1. Reserve: 6. Plot deck limit: 1.


When Revealed: Choose an opponent. That player chooses 2 non-Army characters, each with printed cost 6 or higher. Then, that player chooses and kneels 1 of those characters. Kill the other (cannot be saved).

Card design by 2014 North American Champion, Jonathan Andrews.

Ryan Valle
The Fall of Astapor #60.

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Rules FAQ:

  • If there are not enough valid targets at the time the opponent is choosing characters, the effect fails to resolve.

  • A character that cannot be knelt (e.g. already kneeling) and cannot be killed (protected by The Eyrie) is not an eligible target for this effect (see Target).

  • After the two initial target characters are chosen, you must "choose and kneel" one that can be knelt (you cannot choose a kneeling character, or Ygritte). Whether the other can be killed or not is irrelevant at this point. If you cannot "choose and kneel" one character, then there is no "other" character to kill, so the remainder of the effect will do nothing.
mplain 213
I see nothing on this card stating your opponet has to choose characters on their side. — Divinum_Fulmen 1
He needs to choose two eligible targets. If you don't have any, he'll need to choose characters under his own control. So this plot is best used in decks that don't run (m)any 6+ cost characters. — mplain 213
what happens if the opponet has barista (bara) and a lord.. can he kneel barista and save the lord with his reaction? — Sandorc 35
Duel says the killed character cannot be saved. — mplain 213
Since there's no "then" in the text, what is the third part based on? (if a chosen character can't be knelt, neither character dies). It seems like as long as you can choose two 6+ cost characters, the rest should happen whether or not a character can be knelt or killed. — illurion 1
There is actually a "Then" in the text :) And there is also the word "choose" that instructs you to choose a target. And the RRG entry for Target says that "A card is not an eligible target for an ability if the resolution of that ability's effect could not affect the target at all." So if you cannot "choose and kneel 1 character", then "there will be no “other “ character to kill, so the remainder of the effect will do nothing." (c) Danny Schaefer — mplain 213