House Martell. Non-Loyal.
Event. Cost: 1.

Reaction: After you initiate a challenge, choose a character controlled by the defending player. That character must be declared as a defender for this challenge, if able. If you win this challenge by 5 or more STR, the losing opponent must choose and kill a defending character.

St├ęphane Richard
Oberyn's Revenge #96.

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Dornish Revenge

Rules FAQ:

  • Affected character must be declared as a defender during the "Declare defenders" step. He does not become a defender immediately after this event resolves.

  • This effect does not force players to make any choices or trigger any abilities in order to create a certain game state in which the affected character would be able to defend. Rather, when the time comes to declare defenders, if that character can be chosen to defend (e.g. is standing, has a corresponding challenge icon), he must be choosen.
mplain 228
what if you are in a situation where the opponent has no standing characters, or the opponent has no icons relating to your challenge. can they be selected? if not, can this card be used? — Luke@me 21
You can always play this card as long as there's a character in play controlled by your opponent. That character will have to be declared as a defender, if able. If not able (kneeling, or doesn't have the required icon), the character will not be declared. If you win, the "opponent must choose and kill a defender" effect will still apply. — mplain 228
Thank you @mplain. — Luke@me 21
In regards to your response above, "... the character will not be declared. If you win, the "opponent must choose and kill a defender" effect will still apply." If the opponents character cannot be declared a defender (as with the example above -no challenge icons or kneeling), then surely, there is no defender right? and the card has no effect? My understanding that the key to this card's text is > kill the defending character. If a character can't be declared as a defender, then this card has no use in this situation. Please let me know your thoughts. I want to include this in my deck but I'm trying to see it from an opponents point of view — Luke@me 21
But your opponent can declare other defenders. Not the one you targeted with Dornish Revenge, but someone else. Just to deny you the unopposed bonus maybe. — mplain 228
Thank you mplain. Just so I am clear. If my opponent has no characters that I or he/she can select as defenders, then there is little point playing this card (unless maybe the opponent ambushes). But, if they have character/s who is/are standing (with the same challenge icon) one can be forced in. The opponent can add others at that point to win, should he/she choose. — Luke@me 21
Yep, you got it! :) — mplain 228