Event. Cost: 0.

Action: Choose up to 3 cards. Move 1 gold from the treasury to each of those cards.

Torbjörn Källström
The Brotherhood Without Banners #118.

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Unbridled Generosity

Is this card able to add gold to a bestow card over its initial limit when it is played, or is the limit listed on the bestow card absolute? The Bestow entry in the rules doesn't seem to say.

If there's no stated limit I would rule that you can add gold above the Bestow initial max count. Also this card works not only on Bestow cards, it will also add 1 gold to a Lannisport Treasury - which is a non-unique location allowing you to have 3 of those at the same time. — wordsmith 1
Bestow X means you can place up to X gold on the card after it enters play. It does not mean that X is the maximum of gold the card can have placed on it. So yes, you can use Unbridled Generosity to place gold over what X is. And yes, you can use this card to place gold on cards without Bestow. — mplain 230

Rules FAQ:

  • Unbridled Generosity can place gold on cards with Bestow (X) over the value of X, and also on cards without Bestow at all.
mplain 230