The Night's Watch. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 2.


or character only.

Interrupt: When attached character would be killed, return Ghost to your hand to save that character.

Cristi Balanescu
Watchers on the Wall #21.

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Rules FAQ:

  • If Ghost (the character) is in play under your control, Ghost (the attachment) can enter play as a duplicate (and vice versa),

  • If Ghost (the character) is in your dead pile, Ghost (the attachment) cannot enter play.
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Rules FAQ

  • All "would be X" interrupts are eligible to be used before any "is X" interrupts. This means that an interrupt with the word "would" (such as "when a character would be killed") has timing priority over an interrupt without the word "would" to the same occurrence (such as "when a character is killed").

  • If an interrupt to a triggering condition that would occur changes the nature of that which is about to occur (such as saving a character that would be killed), no further interrupts to the original trigger may be used, as the resolution of that trigger is no longer imminent. For example, you have to trigger Ghost before Lysa Arryn, and once you save Lysa Arryn with Ghost, then you can no longer trigger Lysa.