House Martell. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 0.



Reaction: After you lose a challenge, place a venom token on Lingering Venom. Then, if attached character's STR is equal to or lower than the number of venom tokens on Lingering Venom, kill it.

Ivan Dixon
Watchers on the Wall #32.

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Lingering Venom

Rules FAQ:

  • The kill effect only occurs when you trigger the ability, which is a reaction to losing a challenge. It does not impose a terminal condition like Dracarys.

  • Venom can slowly eat through duplicates and saves. If attached character is saved, you can trigger Venom next time you lose a challenge. The tokens are not removed when you attempt the kill.

  • Venom tokens are placed on the attachment, not the character. So multiple Venoms will not work faster.
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