Plot. Income: 4. Initiative: 8. Claim: 2. Reserve: 4. Plot deck limit: 2.


If you win initiative, you must choose an opponent to be the first player.

Marco Caradonna
Watchers on the Wall #47.

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I love this card. This is another great defensive plot and it goes very well with a Night's Watch "Defend the Wall" deck. Why? A few reasons:

  1. You don't want to be going first in a Wall deck. This practically guarantees you that doesn't happen, so the supposed "downside" to the card simply plays right into what you're already trying to do. It has no negative effect on you.

  2. It has decent gold at 4, so unlike most of the other 2 claim plots in the game, you aren't going broke by playing it.

  3. Most importantly of all, it makes your opponent make a terrible choice: They either have to sit back and let you take the Wall's power, or they have to risk you coming at them with 2 claim on any challenge. After all, you don't need to win anything on defense, you just need to prevent an unopposed challenge. So if they mount a heavy offensive, you can sit back and use three little weenies to defend (and lose) all three challenges at no cost to yourself. You could let just go to The Haunted Forest without even using a defender. And on top of that, the new Jon Snow could be on the board threatening a stealth attack with 2 claim for military or intrigue (and letting you defend one of those attacks without worry as well). So what does your opponent do? Attack all out and risk a heavy counterattack that could swing the game? Or sit on their heels and let you collect a minimum of two power? Their best case scenario is to give you what you already wanted: a turn without challenges. It's a lose-lose situation.

This card is a beast in Wall decks.