Plot. Income: 5. Initiative: 2. Claim: 1. Reserve: 6. Plot deck limit: 2.


Reaction: After a character an opponent controls is killed, put it into play under your control. While that character is in play, treat its printed text box as if it were blank. At the end of the phase, if that card is still in play, place it in its owner's dead pile (cannot be saved).

Joel Hustak
Watchers on the Wall #50.

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The White Shadows

Rules FAQ:

  • Craster is only immune to Omen card effects while he is in play, not while he's in the dead pile, so The White Shadows can resurrect him, and he'll enter play blanked.

  • If a character is killed at the end of the phase (e.g. by Tears of Lys), it will be resurrected and then immediately placed in its owner's dead pile. (Source)
mplain 220
Who places the characters in the dead pile? The original owner of the characters or the new owner of the card? I ask because that can determine the order the cards are placed. — HouseOfJones 1
Also If you use Craster. Does Craster's ability bring the opponents characters back into play, since they are not in the dead pile? — HouseOfJones 1
RRG "Dead Pile" says: "If multiple characters are killed simultaneously, the owner of the cards may physically place them into his or her dead pile one at a time, in any order." — mplain 220
with The White Shadows, characters are not actually killed, rather they are placed in the dead pile, but I believe the rules entry can be extrapolated to this case as well. — mplain 220
Craster brings characters into play fro the dead pile specifically. If they are not in the dead pile, he cannot bring them back. — mplain 220