House Martell. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 1. STR: 1.


Bestow (5).

Interrupt: When Planky Town Trader leaves play, put a non- character with printed cost X or lower into play from your hand. X is the number of gold on Planky Town Trader. Until the end of the phase, that character cannot leave play.

Gabriela Birchal
Favor of the Old Gods #75.

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Planky Town Trader

“Cannot leave play” means that character cannot die, be discarded, sacrificed, returned to hand, or removed from the game. It also means that character cannot be chosen for an effect that would cause those (e.g. military claim).

As an interrupt to leaving play, there are instances where you can trigger Planky Town Trader multiple times (e.g. using it to bring in Ramsay Snow).

Can you give a reference or elaborate on the Ramsay example? — domse 149
Planky is leaving play and triggers his interrupt before leaving. Ramsey enters play and triggers his interrupt. Planky is still in play and chosen for the Ramsay sacrifice. He's now leaving play again from a separate cause and can trigger again. — scantrell24 3297
Would that not mean that whatever had caused Planky to leave play in the first instance was not being resolved and therefore never happened? — badbones777 1