Plot. Income: 5. Initiative: 2. Claim: 1. Reserve: 6. Plot deck limit: 1.


While a player does not control a King character, he or she cannot trigger abilities on characters, locations, or attachments.

Card design by 2015 Joust World Champion, Jakob Hultman.

JB Casacop
Favor of the Old Gods #80.

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The King in the North

Rules FAQ

Triggered abilities are preceeded by bold bold (i.e. Action, Interrupt, Reaction).

Forced abilities are not triggered by players and are unaffected by this plot.

This plot does not affect events, plots, or agendas.

Are you still able to play attachments like Ward and Milk of the Poppy? — Statusunquo 1
Yes. — mplain 213
Do you cancel drowned God fanatics with this plot. — starclown 142
Are you able to use Drowned God Fanatic during this plot when you don't controll king character? — spidee 1
Can you bring cards out of shadows while you do not control a king character? — Xavaerys Targaryen 1
Yes, just like you can marshal a card. But you cannot trigger the character's ability, which is preceeded by bold. — scantrell24 3298