House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 2.

Drowned God. Weapon.

Drowned God character only.

Attached character gets +1 STR for each character in your dead pile.

Interrupt: When attached character is killed, move Driftwood Cudgel to another eligible character. That character gains 1 power. (Limit once per phase.)

Sara Biddle
Someone Always Tells #112.

This card has been errata'ed from its original print. Please see the FAQ for details.

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Driftwood Cudgel

Rules FAQ

  • If you have a Driftwood Cudgel in play and multiple Drowned God characters you control are being killed (e.g. from Valar Morghulis), you may trigger the Cudgel once (and only once) for each character. If you reach 15 power before the effect resolves, you win.
  • Example: You have Aeron Damphair, Tarle the Thrice-Drowned, and a Priest of the Drowned God in play, with a Driftwood Cudgel on Damphair, and you are at 12 power. You reveal Valar Morghulis. You can trigger the interrupt of the Cudgel to move it to Tarle (who gains a power), then trigger to move to the Priest (who gains a power), then trigger to move to Damphair (who gains a power). You cannot trigger the effect again, as you have already triggered this Cudgel to interrupt Damphair’s death. However, you have won the game by reaching 15 power before the effect of Valar Morghulis resolves.
And what happens when I have 2 or 3 Driftwood Cudgel on the table? Each Cudgel trigger for each character? — lapalisse 168
Should have been a reaction or 'after' for the move and power gain. This is broken as is. Which is a shame becuase the buff and ability are great , it's just the Valar ting is Janky as hell. — hypernexus 1
Pretty sure they added limit once per phase under errata in the new faq. — Exerath99 1