Plot. Income: 4. Initiative: 9. Claim: 1. Reserve: 5. Plot deck limit: 2.

Edict. War.

When Revealed: Each opponent kneels 1 character he or she controls with a icon. Then, you may kneel a character with a icon to initiate this effect again.

Sands of Dorne #48.

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Forced March

Rules FAQ

  • You cannot kneel a character to initiate the effect again if no opponent has a character with a military icon.
Can this be repeated multiple times, or just once? — lunaticcalm 43
Just once. — scantrell24 3328
Anything to back the "just once ruling"? since the then is strictly part of the effect. — fleepa0 2
Correction: you can trigger the ability again as many times as you are able. — scantrell24 3328

Rules FAQ:

  • You cannot kneel Ygritte to initiate the effect again. (Source)

  • There is a window for reactions to kneeling after each resolution of the effect. Each new resolution is a separate effect. (Source)
mplain 237
You said you CANNOT kneel Ygritte to initiate the effect again but your source you linked to specifically says that the kneeling is a cost and not an effect which would seem to contradict that. — Kau the Lion 13