House Martell. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 6. STR: 5.


Renown. Shadow (5).

Reaction: After Ser Gerris Drinkwater comes out of shadows, choose a card in your plot deck and switch it with a card in your used pile.

Paolo Puggioni
The Shadow City #16.

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Ser Gerris Drinkwater

Rules FAQ

  • Plots switched with a plot from the used pile are considered to enter the used pile (e.g. for Sand Steed).
Hes actually pretty good in Martell Wars, I actually play him them. Just get him in and switch a plot out for At prince Doran behest (That you’ve used in your first turn). Great way to fill your used pile. Im sure also has some use out of Martell Wars, but I haven’t seen him used that much. — TheBroFromHeaven 25