The Night's Watch. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 6.

The North.

Each character you control gains the affiliation and loses all other faction affiliations.

Action: Kneel The Wall to choose an opponent. Put an eligible character of that player’s choice from his or her discard pile into play under your control.

The March on Winterfell #26.

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The Wall
  • Rules FAQ

  • The Wall’s constant ability does not affect characters you control that are not in play. You cannot use Steward at the Wall to reduce the cost of a non-Night’s Watch character you marshal.

  • The Wall’s constant ability affects characters as soon as they enter play. For example, if you control Mace Tyrell, and you trigger the Wall to have your opponent give you a Garden Caretaker, they enter play as a Night’s Watch character and you cannot trigger Mace.

  • “An eligible character” refers to a character that can enter play; in other words, there is not a copy in either player’s dead pile, nor is there a copy owned by either player currently in play.
Can you use a garden caretaker you control with the Wal in order to reduce the cost of another Tyrell character you attempt to marshall in your opponent's discard pile Thanks to "the Night Gathers" ? — Timmy 58
Yes, that works. — mplain 231