House Targaryen. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 3.


Action: Kneel Meereen to place each card in your hand facedown under Meereen and draw 3 cards. At the end of the phase, or if Meereen leaves play, discard your hand and return each card you placed under Meereen to your hand.

Meereen would always be the Harpy's city...
Tomasz Jedruszek
The March on Winterfell #34.

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Rules FAQ

  • If you trigger Meereen twice in one phase (e.g. with Veteran Builder), you will discard your hand and draw all the cards you placed under it, then discard your hand again and will end the phase with no cards in hand.

  • If two different players trigger the same Meereen (e.g. with Sea Bitch) the effects are separate; each player will discard their hand and then return the cards they placed under Meereen to their hand.
If Meereen gets discarded, what happens to the cards under it? — Stathis 1
@stathis You discard your current hand and return the cards under Meeren as that counts as leaving play — tonythetiger891 55
Can you place a hand of zero cards under Meereen, or must you have 1 card to activate it? — Simonmmm 1
You can trigger Meereen even if you have no cards in hand, it'll work fine. "Draw 3" is not dependent on placing any cards facedown. — mplain 230
Do I discard Daario (put into play by aegon), if I used Meeren in that phase? — Sassanid 9
can i use this in reserve phase so and i avoid to discard mi hand because of reserve? — Alfalfa 16