House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.

Drowned God.

Action: Kill a character to put Drowned God Fanatic into play from your dead pile. (Max once per round.)

Interrupt: When the effects of an opponent's triggered character ability would initiate, place Drowned God Fanatic into your dead pile from your hand to cancel those effects.

Card design by 2013 European Melee champion, Vincent Teulé.

Aleksander Karcz
Streets of King's Landing #51.

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Drowned God Fanatic

Rules FAQ

  • Costs must be paid with game elements you control.
  • Abilities with maxima apply by title and are not reset if the card leaves play; you can trigger the action ability on one - Drowned God Fanatic once per round no matter how many you have in the dead pile or whether that Fanatic leaves play after triggering the action.
  • Preventing a cost from being paid does not count against the maximum for an ability.
Could cancels like Treachery or Begging Brother cancel both triggered effects here? Even though the character is not in play? — SonOfBattles1 436
Yes — mplain 237
If he is already in your dead pile and you have him in hand, can you use the one in hand? — kidohearts 1269
nevermind, he's not unique, duh — kidohearts 1269