Plot. Income: 4. Initiative: 5. Claim: 1. Reserve: 5. Plot deck limit: 1.


Each player cannot gain power for his or her faction except during challenges.

Forced Reaction: After a challenge is initiated, move 1 power from the attacking player's faction card to the defending player's faction card.

Streets of King's Landing #60.

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Uneasy Truce

Rules FAQ

  • Gaining power for your faction refers to gaining power on your faction card; abilities that cause characters, locations, or attachments to gain power (e.g. Mace Tyrell), or that move power to your faction card, are unaffected.
  • Abilities that cause you to gain power for your faction (e.g. Acolyte of the Waves) will work if they resolve during a challenge (e.g. the Acolyte is killed to satisfy military claim).
  • In melee, if a challenge is redirected, the power goes to the new defending player, not the original one.