House Lannister. Non-Loyal.
Event. Cost: 0.

Action: Kneel your faction card to choose any number of cards you control with shadow. Return each of those cards to shadows.

Jason Jenicke
Music of Dragons #70.

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Clever Feint

Rules FAQ

  • A card that has been blanked no longer has the shadow keyword, and thus cannot be returned to shadows with Clever Feint.
  • When a card returns to shadows, it leaves play. Any attachments on it are returned to hand (or discarded if terminal), any lasting or delayed effects expire, all duplicates are discarded (if you do not choose to save), and all tokens are returned to the treasury.
@scantrell24 Does return to shadows mean that a card must have been brought into play from shadows in order to return? Or can any card with the shadow keyword simply be put into shadows with ths event after having been marshaled regularly? — aCID_rEIGN3616 1
The latter. Any card with the shadow keyword can go "back" into shadows, even if it wasn't in shadows previously. — scantrell24 3263