House Stark. Loyal.
Event. Cost: -.

House Bolton.

Shadow (3).

Reaction: After an opponent initiates a challenge against you, stand any number of characters you control with a icon. If you win the challenge, kill each attacking character.

Ivan Dixon
Daggers in the Dark #102.

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The Bastard's Letter

Rules FAQ

  • You can play The Bastard's Letter even if you control no kneeling characters with a military icon.
Just recently, I had a discussion with a friend about this card. It is true, that you play this event from shadows AFTER your opponent has declared all of his/her attackers right? I mean you essentially pay 5 gold for this event, so it has to be pretty good to be worth that cost. — The King in the North 1
That is correct. It's a reaction to the challenge declaration, so it happens after all framework steps of declaring the challenge (assigning attackers, stealth, etc.) — scantrell24 3231