House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 2. STR: 2.

Ally. Raider.

Reaction: After a Warship location enters play under your control, put Eager Deckhand into play from your hand.

Aleksander Karcz
Kings of the Isles #14.

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Eager Deckhand

Rules FAQ

  • If a duplicate of a unique Warship enters play, the triggering condition has not been met and you cannot put Eager Deckhand into play from your hand.
If I've got 2 Eager Deckhand in hand and I put a warship in play, can I put the two Eager Deckhand on the table ? — zothommogh 1
@zothommogh Yes you can — scantrell24 3296
Thx! — zothommogh 1
Can I trigger her reaction when The King in the North or Fortified Position is revealed? — petebili 1
You can. This question is answered on the Fortified Position page. — scantrell24 3296