During challenges, reduce the cost of each event you play by 1 for each blood token on Sea of Blood. You cannot play events during or challenges.

Reaction: After you win a challenge by 5 or more STR, kneel your faction card to place a blood token on Sea of Blood. Then, search your deck for an event, reveal it, and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Tim Durning
Kings of the Isles #45.

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Sea of Blood

Rules FAQ:

  • Sea of Blood's discount applies to playing events from shadows. (Source)


mplain 230
Can you use The Sea of Blood trigger to search for a Put To The Sword and then immediatley play it having won a military with 5 or more strength? — Bobofthenorth 1
Yes — Jeaux 1
can i put a blood token on it before Rickon Stark cancel the effect? — Smile Tom 17
Some card abilities are presented in a “do X to do Y” construct. In such a construct, the “do X” aspect (preceding the word “to”) is a cost, and the “do Y” aspect (following the word “to”) is an effect." — Ser_Z_of_Yonder 39

Rules FAQ

  • An event searched for by Sea of Blood can be played in the same reaction window if the triggering conditions are met (Ex: Put to the Sword).
  • Your opponent has the opportunity to trigger a reaction to losing the challenge (Ex: His Viper Eyes) after you trigger Sea of Blood before you can trigger your next card effect for winning the challenge.
Presumably reactions AFTER you win an intrigue or power challenge, still count as events DURING those challenges? — Simonmmm 1
The entire effect of the agenda, can get cancelled by Rickon Stark? or only the search part and not the blood token part? — naitz 3
@naitz the entire Reaction, both parts — scantrell24 3295