House Tyrell. Loyal.
Event. Cost: 2.

Challenges Action: Until the end of the phase, treat each character with STR 3 or lower as if its printed text box were blank (except for Traits).

Paolo Puggioni
City of Secrets #24.

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Show of Strength

Rules FAQ

  • Triggered effects engage the game state at the time they resolve. If an event card creates a lasting effect on a set of cards, only cards that are in play at the time the event card is played are eligible to be affected. Cards that enter play after the resolution of the event are not affected by its lasting effect.
  • Show of Strength affects characters that are eligible (STR 3 or lower) when it’s played. If other characters with 3 STR or less enters play or a character already in play has it’s STR reduced to 3 or less after Show of Strength resolves, they are not treated as if their printed text box were blank. Characters who have already been treated as if their printed text box were blank by Show of Strength and then has their strength increased above 3 are still blank.