House Greyjoy. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 4. STR: 4.

Ally. Drowned God.

Shadow (4).

Action: Kill a standing character to put King's Landing Proselyte into play from shadows.

Adam Lane
Pit of Snakes #51.

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King's Landing Proselyte

Rules FAQ

  • You cannot save the character being killed for the cost of this ability.
  • He cannot be marshalled into shadows from the dead pile using Tarle the Thrice-Drowned.
The wording leads me to believe that in a mirror match this could be used to kill and opponents Greyjoy characters — LesterCrow 1
Incorrect. Killing a Greyjoy character is a cost, and costs can only be paid with entities that you control. — scantrell24 3261
in a wording with "Do X to do Y" X is a cost. In this case killing a standing Gj character is the cost, and you can't pay costs with opponent's cards. You can pay costs only with your cards. — IraFunesta 24