House Baratheon. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.

House Florent. Knight.

Action: Kill Ser Imry Florent to choose an opponent. You may sacrifice any number of locations. For each location sacrificed this way, that opponent must choose and kneel a standing character he or she controls.

With four times as many ships as the boy king, Ser Imry saw no need for caution or deceptive tactics.
Melissa Findley
Fury of the Storm #11.

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Ser Imry Florent

Rules FAQ

  • The cost of triggering Ser Imry Florent’s ability is only to kill himself. Sacrificing locations is part of the effect and not part of the cost of initiating the ability. As such, if his ability gets cancelled, you do not need to sacrifice any locations.
¿If I have a duplicate, can I save Ser Imry from be killed by his own effect? — OcelotLiquid 43
No, you cannot save from costs, and killing Imry is a cost because it preceeds the word "to" in the "do X to do Y" format. — scantrell24 3328