House Baratheon. Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 3.

Legacy. R'hllor.

Unique character you control only. Terminal.

Attached character is considered to be participating in each challenge in which you control an attacking R'hllor character.

Tim Durning
Fury of the Storm #20.

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Azor Ahai Reborn

Rules FAQ

  • If at any point during the challenge, you no longer control an attacking R’hllor character, the attached character is no longer considered attacking.
  • A character must be declared as an attacker to use stealth because declaring stealth targets is part of the challenge declaration. By the time a character with Azor Ahai is added as a participating character, it is too late to use stealth.
A quick question: what if I'm playing Trading with Qohor, and I remove Azor Ahai Reborn with the agenda after claim has been applied? Is that character still being considered as participating? — guagno333 1
if you remove azor ahai reborn, then the attached character is no longer participating — movac 1
What happen if attaches character is also R’hllor and the other r’hllor participating is removed? — albert 562