After all agendas are announced, name a unique character.

Other characters you control cannot gain power.

Reaction: After you win a challenge by 5 or more STR, kneel your faction card to, either: stand the named character and draw a card; or, search your deck, discard pile, and dead pile for the named character, reveal it, add it to your hand, and shuffle your deck.

David Griffith
Fury of the Storm #45.

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The Prince that was Promised

Two questions: 1)May I have 3 different copies (of name) of Roberth Baratheon in my deck with this Agenda? 2)May I choose wich copies I marshall? For Exaple, Can I marshall Robert from Core when, before My other copy of Robert leaves play?

kurdt 2
You may have different copies of the named character in your deck. You can marshal whatever version you want if you have different versions in hand. But if you have a unique character in play, cards with the same title can only enter play as duplicates. So in your example, your other Robert can only be marshaled as a duplicate to Core Robert. — Diomedes 3215

Rules FAQ

  • You can have different versions of a unique character in your deck and search for any of the different versions.
  • You shuffle your deck even if you were able to find a copy of the named character without searching your deck.
rickon stark can cancel that reaction, rigth?? — naitz 3
@naitz @naitz Yes, Rickon can cancel it because it has the word "search" in it's effect. In fact, Rickon can even cancel an opponent's Rickon — scantrell24 3295
does the Agenda prevent you from getting power through desert Raider? Does it force your opponent to let you draw a card with Poor Fellows? — Palpa 49
@Palpa, yes it prevents your characters from gaining Desert Raider power. Your Poor Fellows question is already answered on the Poor Fellows page. — scantrell24 3295
How does this card work with cards that move power as appose to gain them? (Melisandre from the same expansion comes to mind) — ZeroChaos76 1
"Gain" is a special game term that means taking a token from the treasury. Moving power from another player's card is different from gaining power. Compare with Riverrun's wording. — scantrell24 3295
Can you draw more than one copy of the named character with one activation of this agenda? — Kentucky Shaun 39
No, only one copy per trigger — scantrell24 3295
Two questions: — kurdt 2