House Targaryen. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 2. STR: 2.

Companion. Dothraki.

While you control Daenerys Targaryen, you may marshal facedown cards attached to Dothraki Handmaiden as if they were in your hand.

Marshaling Action: Reveal an attachment from your hand. Attach it to Dothraki Handmaiden facedown as an attachment.

Stephen Stark
Dragons of the East #14.

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Dothraki Handmaiden

Rules FAQ

  • The cards you attach facedown as an attachment are not terminal and will return to your hand if Dothraki Handmaiden leaves play.
  • If Dothraki Handmaiden’s textbox is blanked, the facedown attachments remain attached.
  • Facedown cards have no attributes other than the attributes given them by the card that put them into play. The facedown cards attached on Dothraki Handmaiden have the card type attachment and can be targeted by card effects that targets attachments. However Weapons at the Door will not affect them since facedown cards do not have the printed attachment card type. If you sacrifice a facedown attachment on Dothraki Handmaiden using Trading with Qohor, there are no eligible targets to find as it has no printed cost.
  • With Valyrian Steel, you can trigger the agenda when you use Dothraki Handmaiden's Marshaling action, but not when you use her passive ability to marshal a facedown card (because the attachment is already in play).