House Tyrell. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 5. STR: 4.

Lord. Small Council.

Action: Choose an opponent and a character, location, or attachment you control. That player takes control of that card. Then, gain 2 gold. (Limit once per round.)

"Mathis Rowan is sensible, prudent, well liked..." Ser Kevan Lannister
Adam Lane
Dragons of the East #37.

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Mathis Rowan

Rules FAQ

  • If a lasting effect would return a card back to hand at the end of phase and you’ve given control of it to your opponent, the card still returns to the owner’s hand at the end of phase.
Can i choose pleasure barge? — Bruce 47
No. — scantrell24 3338
if i give control of an attachment to my oponnent, (f.e. "milk of the poppy" attached to an oponent's character), Can he change the equipment equipped in their character to one of mine? or not? — naitz 3
No, it doesn't move, all that happens is that your opponent now controls the attachment instead of you. — scantrell24 3338