Character. Cost: 5. STR: 4.


Once per phase, you may marshal or play a facedown card under your agenda as if it were in your hand.

Reaction: After Archmaester Marwyn enters play, place the top 2 cards of your deck facedown under your agenda.

Tiziano Baracchi
Dragons of the East #41.

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Archmaester Marwyn

Rules FAQ

  • The cards placed under your agenda facedown with Archmaester Marwyn and The Conclave agenda are considered the same pool of cards.
  • You cannot trigger Archmaester Marwyn if your deck does not have an agenda.
  • Cards under your agenda CAN be marshaled into shadows. The problem with the other cards that allows you to marshall a card as if they were in your hand is that they all have a characteristic requirement. King's landing allowing you to marshal locations, Tarle allowing you to marshall drowned god character and Gormon allow you to marshal a non-Tyrell card. You can't marshal a card into shadows because a card in shadows does not have any of those characteristics. However it should be noted that Marwyn has no characteristic requirement for what you can marshal as if they were in your hand.
Does this allow you to play cards with the ambush ability? — Muskerion 1
No. Ambush is different than marshal or play. — scantrell24 3326
Cool. Appreciate the quick clarification. Thank you. — Muskerion 1
Sure? — Mascalian 8
Yes... Ambush = "put into play", which is different from the "marshal or play": the "play" is referred exclusively to events.. if I'm not mistaken — Mascalian 8
What happens to the cards under your agenda after Marwyn dies? Do they stay there and therefore are basically lost to you if you don't play conclave? — GreenIris 1