Event. Cost: 1.

Dominance Action: Choose a non-limited location or attachment and discard it from play. Then, that card's owner may search his or her deck for a location or attachment with lower printed cost, put it into play, and shuffle his or her deck.

JB Casacop
Dragons of the East #44.

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Lay Waste

Rules FAQ

  • The entire effect of the event can get cancelled by Rickon Stark.
  • If the location or attachment gets saved from being discarded, the card’s owner does not get to search their deck for a location or attachment with a lower printed cost.
  • If a location gets discarded, the owner of the location may search for an attachment. Vice Versa.
If a zero cost is choosen, will that mean no card can be put into play? — corwinofamber 1
Seems like it to me. — scantrell24 3261