House Baratheon. Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 4.



Take control of attached character.

Forced Interrupt: When the dominance phase ends, sacrifice Melisandre's Favor. (Cannot be canceled.)

Sara Biddle
The Things We Do For Love #2.

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Melisandre's Favor

Does the character return to the original owner, following the forced interrupt? I would think so, but i'm not certain

Luke@me 21
Yes, it does return. Also see the review on "Ward" for a detailed look at taking (and losing) control of characters. — footlong 200
What happens if you send a copy of the character to the owner's deadpile (e.g. using GTR Melisandre's effect) before it is returned to the owner? Would it immediately be killed or would it remain in play? — krisheezy 1