House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.

Drowned God.

Action: Kill a character you own and control to put Drowned God Fanatic into play from your dead pile. (Max once per round.)

Interrupt: When the effects of an opponent's triggered character ability would initiate, discard Drowned God Fanatic from your hand to cancel those effects.

Card design by 2013 European Melee champion, Vincent Teulé.

Aleksander Karcz
Redesigns #6.

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Drowned God Fanatic

Rules FAQ

  • Max once per round (as opposed to “limit”) counts towards all copies of Drowned God Fanatic, so you can only trigger the Action ability once, even if you have multiple copies of Drowned God Fanatic in your dead pile (or if the same copy re-enters your dead pile). The Interrupt is not affected by this maximum, so you can trigger as many as you like in a round.
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