House Martell. Loyal.
Event. Cost: -.

Shadow (0).

Action: Return a character you control to your hand. Then, search your deck for a character with lower printed cost that shares a Trait with that character, and put it into play. Shuffle your deck.

Paolo Puggioni
Redesigns #15.

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A Mission in Essos

Rules FAQ

  • Returning a character to your hand is not a cost, so the character will remain in play if A Mission in Essos is cancelled. In fact, since you are not required to “choose” a target for this ability, a cancel can only be used before the choice is even made.

  • The character can be saved from leaving play (by a duplicate, for instance). If that happens, the post-then aspect of the effect does not resolve, so you cannot search for anything. (See The word "Then".)

  • You can search for a character with the same title as the one you returned to hand, but it can only be a version with lower printed cost.

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