House Targaryen. Non-Loyal.
Character. Cost: 5. STR: 5.

Army. Mercenary.

Bestow (1).

While Golden Company has 1 or more gold, it gains renown.

Interrupt: When a Mercenary character would be returned to your hand, discard 1 gold from Golden Company to save that character.

Tomasz Jedruszek
Hear My Words #31.

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Golden Company

Rules FAQ

  • If you take control of an opponent's Golden Company with Daario Naharis, the opponent will get it back before "at the end of the phase" delayed effects resolve (for instance, Aegon Targaryen or Waking the Dragon).

  • You cannot save a duplicate from being returned to your hand, because a duplicate is not a character, nor does it have the Mercenary trait.

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