Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.

Ambush (4). Shadow (2).

Reaction: After Kindly Man stands, choose an agenda or a card in play and, either: place a non-gold, non-power token of your choice on that card; or discard a non-gold, non-power token from that card. (Limit 3 times per round.)

Hear My Words #44.

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Kindly Man

Rules FAQ

  • Placing a token on a card will do nothing unless there is another effect that interacts with it. For instance, placing a poison token on a character will not cause that character to be killed at the end of the phase, because there is no effect instructing you to kill it. However, removing a poison token placed by Tears of Lys or Tyene Sand (TS) will stop the delayed effect from killing the character.

  • You cannot place or remove shadow tokens from cards in shadows, because those cards are not considered to be in play. And even if you could, it would not cause those cards to gain or lose the shadow keyword.

Odrl 1249