Event. Cost: 1.

House Arryn.

Marshaling Action: Kneel a neutral location with printed cost 1 or higher to put a neutral card into play from your hand knelt. Then, if that card has the House Arryn trait, stand it.

The Arryns were proud, and prickly of their honor.
Stephen Najarian
Hear My Words #49.

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As High as Honor

Rules FAQ

  • If this event puts a card into play as a duplicate, the post-then part of the effect will not resolve. And even if it did, the duplicate would not have the House Arryn trait at that point.

  • If you use this event to put Ygritte into play, she will still enter play knelt.

  • If Whisper Campaign is revealed and you put a House Arryn character without an icon into play, that character will stand first, then be knelt again by Whisper Campaign.

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