House Stark. Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 3.


Unique character only.

Attached character gains stealth.

Interrupt: When the effects of a triggered character ability would initiate, return a Direwolf card to your hand to cancel those effects. (Limit once per phase.)

Action: Pay 1 gold to attach Grey Wind to a different character. (Limit once per phase.)

Roman Papsuev
For the Realm #18.

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Grey Wind

Rules FAQ

  • A triggered ability is any ability with a boldface precursor, such as an Action or a Reaction. Grey Wind can also cancel your own triggered character abilities, as well as any forced abilities on characters.

  • The limit once per phase (on both abilities) is reset if Grey Wind leaves and re-enters play. (See Limits and Maxima.) Using the Action ability to move Grey Wind to a different character will not reset the limit though.

  • Attaching Grey Wind to a character that was bypassed by stealth will not allow that character to be declared as a defender in that challenge. Attaching Grey Wind to an attacking character during a challenge will not do anything either, because stealth targets are chosen when the challenge is initiated. If you want to benefit from a particular character having the stealth keyword, you need to move Grey Wind to that character before the challenge is initiated.

  • You may include both the character and the attachment version of Grey Wind in your deck, but you can still only have a total of 3 cards with the title “Grey Wind”. If you have Grey Wind the character in play, Grey Wind the attachment can enter play as a duplicate, and vice versa. If the character is in your dead pile, the attachment cannot enter play.

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