Character. Cost: 5. STR: 3.

Bastard. Companion. House Arryn.


If you control Sansa Stark, place Alayne Stone on her as a duplicate.

While Alayne Stone is kneeling, players cannot trigger abilities on in-faction Lord or Lady characters during the challenges phase.

Drazenka Kimpel
As High as Honor #20.

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Alayne Stone

Rules FAQ

  • Placing Alayne Stone on Sansa as a duplicate is automatic, immediate, and cannot be saved from.

  • A triggered ability is any ability with a boldface precursor, such as an Action or a Reaction. Alayne Stone will not stop forced abilities though, as those are not triggered by players.

  • An in-faction card is any card that matches the affiliation of your chosen faction. If your deck includes cards from another faction, those cards are considered to be "out of faction". Cards that have no faction affiliation are considered to be neutral. Neutral and out-of-faction cards are not affected by Alayne Stone’s ability.

  • Any delayed effect that happens "at the end of the phase" happens outside of the challenges phase, so Alayne Stone’s ability will no longer be in effect. For instance, if Tears of Lys is played on Victarion Greyjoy (LoCR) with 2 power on him, he can save himself at the end of the phase even if Alayne Stone is kneeling.

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