Character. Cost: 3. STR: 2.

House Arryn. Maester.

Dominance Action: Kneel Maester Colemon to choose a Condition or Item attachment and move it to another eligible character.

"Maester Colemon cares only for the boy, though. Father and I have larger concerns." Sansa Stark
Chris Dien
As High as Honor #24.

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Maester Colemon

Could Maester Colemon move an attachment on a location - ie seized, frozen solid, or pyromancer's cache - to a character? Or would no characters be considered eligible due to the attachment's text?

Also, could Maester Colemon choose an attachment attached to an enemy character and move it to an ally character? — PeachOffering 1

Rules FAQ

  • The attachment does not change control when you move it, so you must still comply with restrictions such as "character you control only", or "opponent’s character only". If the attachment has no such restrictions, you can move it to a character controlled by a different player. Only the player who controls the attachment will be able to trigger abilities on it though.

  • Maester Colemon cannot move attachments that go on locations (for instance, Frozen Solid), because there can never be an eligible character to which such an attachment could be moved.

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